Friday 8 May 2015

12 Songs For Mom This Mother’s Day

One of the biggest advantages of the fec Music Network music and music video systems is that we make it easy to create special event playlists. Mother’s Day is as special as it gets in our opinion. Our programmers have put together a list of rated songs dedicated to Mom for your Mother’s Day playlists.

This one is for you Mom!

12 Songs For Mom This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we take a look at a dozen tracks that are available in your player that celebrate moms everywhere!

Madness – Our House
Player rating: Mom Approved
This 80’s classic pays homage to the hard working mother, with the lyrics recalling a childhood where mom kept order in the family, among other happy memories of days gone by.

Stevie Wonder – Isn't She Lovely
Player rating: Mom Approved
The Motown legend penned this song in the mid-70s about the birth of his daughter, and the woman who brought her into this world. Remember, Mother’s Day isn't just about your mom, but appreciating all mothers!

Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart
Player rating: Adult (Lyric Video rating: Mom Approved)
Sometimes mom doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Miranda Lambert’s country-rock song about mom basically telling her to “walk it off” is one that everyone can relate to. Of course, this ain't Mama’s Broken Heart, but every kid thinks they've got it tougher than their parents.

Taylor Swift – The Best Day
Player rating: Mom Approved
Before Taylor was shaking it off and singing about blank spaces to write her ex’s names in, she performed this song about fond childhood memories with her mom. The video includes home movie footage of the Swifts, featuring Taylor spending “the best day” with mommy.

Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song
Player rating: Mom Approved

The job of mom is to do her best to teach her children right from wrong and then send them off into the world and hope for the best. Carrie Underwood penned this track about cutting the apron strings and telling mommy dearest not to worry, that everything’s going to work out just fine.

Spice Girls – Mama
Player rating: Mom Approved
A classic look at the mother-daughter relationship: teenage adolescence and rebellion giving way to the realization that mom was right all along. This song may be from the late 90s, but the theme certainly hasn't gone out of style. Moms and adult daughters everywhere know this story, always have, and always will!

Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
Player rating: PG
Boyz II Men proclaim that mom will always be “the girl in my life”. A love song to mothers everywhere, as the Boyz credit their mothers as the “driving force” behind them, thanking mom for everything she’s done. Isn't that what Mother’s Day is all about?!

Backstreet Boys – The Perfect Fan
Player rating: Mom Approved
The Backstreet Boys named the perfect fan in 1999. No, it wasn't Cindy from school with the BSB trapper keeper, pencil case and shirt that had seen them in concert 3 times this year already… it was mom! The Backstreet Boys know that the one fan that will always cheer for you is good ol’ mom.

BeyoncĂ© – Ring Off
Player rating: PG
BeyoncĂ© sings a song for all the mothers who put up with dad for too long. The theme doesn't make for the peppiest of tracks, but it’s a musically upbeat song for all those single moms out there who had the courage to get themselves out of an abusive relationship.

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Player rating: Adult
Most moms are usually quick to tell kids to not resolve their problems with violence. LL Cool J’s mom apparently isn’t “most moms”, as we find out in this early 90s rap anthem.

2 Pac – Dear Mama
Player rating: Adult
An adult Tupac Shakur looks back on his childhood and stands in awe of how his mother managed to do it all. The details are probably a little different between your life and 2 Pac’s, but the theme is still the same, when you have that moment where you realize “wow, my mom did a LOT!” 2 Pac knows what’s up!

Danzig – Mother
Player rating: Adult
The Misfits founder performed this… alternative… look at Moms, warning them to not let her children “walk my way”. Probably a good idea, not everyone can pull off the mesh shirt and leather pants look. A 90’s classic for that rockin’ mom in your life.

Happy Mom Approved Day!

fec Music is the “MOM Approved” music and music video service for family Entertainment Centers. Creating fun high energy playlists is an art. Making sure that the playlist does not contain inappropriate lyrical or visual content is essential.

The fec Music systems and services, have you covered. Every track in our library is rated for audio and visual content to ensure you keep it “MOM Approved” during family sessions. All new released tracks arrive to your fec player pre-rated as well. Our goal is to help you deliver a consistent family friendly experience no matter who has control of the music.

What is a “MOM Approved” track? Family friendly, child appropriate music. Contains NO references to: alcohol, tobacco, drug use, sex, or violence.

The end result is a playlist that kids love and Moms Approve. We believe that “MOM Approved” playlists are the right thing to do for your business.

All of us from the fec Music Network would like to wish all the Mom’s a very well deserved and happy, Mother's Day!